Angry Christian Hate Mob Invades LGBTQ-Inclusive Church

Angry Christian Hate Mob Invades LGBTQ-Inclusive Church

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An angry mob of Christian zealots invaded a Washington, D.C. church for appointing a lesbian couple as head co-pastors.

New Now Next writes:

The small contingent of protesters stormed through the doors of Calvary Baptist Church moments before its 11 am Sunday service was set to begin. Carrying signs, the group of seven condemned the church for its inclusion of LGBT individuals in the clergy.

The protesters refused to leave until police were called and re-formed just outside the church, where they continued to aggressively engage with church members.

A slightly larger group of religious maniacs stayed outside of the church. The mob did not physically attack members of the Calvary Baptist Church, but they did bellow that members of the LGBTQ-friendly congregation were “going to Hell” for not hating lesbians enough, and that the church was the “house of Satan.” Way to spread Christ’s message of love, guys!


(Header image via Hans Splinter)

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