Watch This Angry Dad’s Epic Rant in Support of Australian Gay Marriage

Watch This Angry Dad’s Epic Rant in Support of Australian Gay Marriage

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Mark Orval aka Angry Dad’s take on the gay marriage debate is one we’ve all thought to ourselves as well: if you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex.

The Australian online sensation is known for his outbursts, mostly inspired by his two sons. His latest profanity laced rant is a response to the Australian government holding a postal survey asking citizens whether or not they agree with same-sex marriage.

When asked about his thoughts on the debate, he doesn’t hold back.

“Don’t f*****g start me on that sh*t,” he says.

“They’re spending $122 f*****g million on that … to have us f*****g vote on whether they should be allowing gay marriage,” he said.

“Whose business is it of the f*****g politicians to say who can marry and can’t marry?”

The video titled, “It’s pretty simple I would have thought, if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry someone who’s gay?” has around 2.2 million views at press time and 33,000 shares on Facebook.

Angry Dad continues: “(It is) $122 million and here’s us seeing sick kids with cancer today, and people are dying in their f*****g homes cause they can’t have operations, and these f***heads are spending $122 million.”

“Why don’t they take it out of their f*****g superannuation?”

“And even then if the public come back and say mind your own business’, as we should, they don’t have to pass it through parliament. So what’s the f*****g point?”

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Angry Dad asks, “Why don’t they deal with real issues?”

“But aside from that f*****g s**t, overwhelmingly the vote may come back “yes” or “no”, it doesn’t mean it has to pass through parliament.”

“They can just park it and say, ‘Now we know how you f*****g think, but we’re not going to actually listen to you’ … like they do with every other f*****g policy.”

“I’m absolutely for it. I mean, it’s none of our f*****g business. I don’t care.”

Our favorite part is when he says: “Don’t knock it until you try it.”

Watch Angry Dad’s epic rant on gay marriage:

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