10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gay Geek Shut-In

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gay Geek Shut-In

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We all have at least one friend—you probably met him or her in high school or college—who spends all their time at home instead of hitting the town with friends. They’re having the time of their life at home, watching the latest anime series, reading comics and playing video games. For that shut-in buddy of yours, these gifts should be on your radar.

1. Subscriptions to Crunchyroll and/or FunimationNow

Netflix and Chill? That’s so 2015. Instead, let’s have “Crunchyroll and Continue Watching Anime Until You Pass Out.” These two streaming apps specialize in anime. If your friend has ever bored you to tears discussing whether or not subtitled or dubbed anime is the “one true form,” you’ll know which to opt for: Crunchyroll is for subs, FunimationNow for dubs. $6.95/month for Crunchyroll, $5.99/month for FunimationNow

2. Monthly Boxes of Japanese Snacks

They’re delicious and often weird, and the only question is: Will you get the slightly sweet Men’s Pocky or the bizarre corn-flavored Kit Kat bar? Why not get a new surprise in the mail each month? From $15, wowbox.jp

3. Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It

While yaoi gets all the press, if your friend isn’t into tiny, beautiful, elven men, that can be a drag. Enter Massive, a collection of bara manga, aka gay manga featuring big, Tom of Finland-style beefy dudes. $25, amazon.com

4. Set of Sailor Moon Compacts

A scientific study we just made up has discovered that 97.3% of queer geeks absolutely adore Sailor Moon. Now your friend can be her with this collection of all the compacts she used to transform throughout the series! Moon prism power, make up! $32, jlist.com

5. Jiraiya Sweatshirt by Massive

If your friend’s already on top of Massive (#3 on our list), this will really impress them. (And maybe even give them the feels.) This awesome sweatshirt takes art by Jiraiya, one of the top bara artists working today, and puts it on a soft, cozy sweatshirt. If your friend prefers the work of Gengoroh Tagame, they’re covered, too! $50, massive-goods.com

6. A Custom Portrait by Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago is infamous for his innovatively gory horror manga. Sure, you could buy some of his (often NSFW) original art, but why not go the extra mile and have Kago create a custom portrait of your friend in his inimitable style? $55, odn.ne.jp

7. Persona 4 Yu Narukami Figure

Ideal for the fan of the Persona/Megami Tensei anime and video game series, this articulated figurine of the main protagonist also comes with three different expressions, plus accessories like his katana and special TV-world glasses! $60, crunchyroll.com


8. Tentacle Dildo

Hey, it wouldn’t be an anime article without a cheap tentacle-sex joke! And at just $70, that’s indeed pretty cheap for a custom sex toy! etsy.com

9. Naruto Costume

If your friend has ever wanted to be the star of this long-running anime series, now they can! The package comes complete with the suit, headband, leather bag, shoes and frog-shaped wallet! $90, webcosplay.com

10. Sailor Moon’s Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Sure, with the compacts (#4 on our list), you can transform into any iteration of Sailor Moon, but what good is that if you don’t have the tools to beat down monsters? $99, crunchyroll.com

BONUS GIFT: A life-size statue of Saint Seiya!

If your favorite shut-in has a huge appreciation for Saint Seiya and an even larger apartment, you’ll win the friend of a lifetime with this life-size statue of the main character. Standing at a little over five feet tall, Seiya is the perfect gift for the guy who wishes he could actually live in an anime. $5,200, akadot.com

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