Actor Anthony Edwards Says He Was Molested by His Mentor, Producer Gary Goddard

Actor Anthony Edwards Says He Was Molested by His Mentor, Producer Gary Goddard

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Actor Anthony Edwards has come out with his own story of being sexually molested. In an article for Medium, the E.R. and Top Gun star told the story of being abused by his mentor, Gary Goddard. In the article, Edwards says that he was first confronted by his mother at 14 years old over rumors she’d heard about Goddard. At the time Edwards denied anything had happened to him, but he’s now coming forward.

Edwards met Goddard when he was 12, and Goddard befriended the boy. He says Goddard taught him “the value of acting, respect for friendship and the importance of studying.” Unfortunately, according to Edwards’ account, Goddard also molested him and raped Edwards’ best friend.

Unlike many people, Edwards was able to confront the man he says abused him:

22 years ago, I happened to run into Gary Goddard at an airport. I was able to express my outrage at what he had done. He swore to his remorse and said that he had gotten help. I felt a temporary sense of relief. I say temporary because when Goddard appeared in the press four years ago for alleged sexual abuse, my rage resurfaced.

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Gary Goddard’s spokesman, Sam Singer, has released a statement denying Edwards’ claims:

I am responding on behalf of producer and writer Gary Goddard to allegations posted and made today by actor Anthony Edwards on the website Medium.

Gary first met Anthony more than 40 years ago. Gary was a mentor, teacher and a friend to Anthony, which makes this story all the more disturbing to him. As to the allegations that Mr. Edwards made in his post today, I can unequivocally deny them on Gary’s behalf.

Gary played an important role in helping start Anthony’s acting career and acted as his personal manager. He has nothing but the greatest respect for Anthony as a person. Gary is saddened by the false allegations.

The post by Anthony, as well as many of the news stories today reference a legal claim made against Gary approximately four years ago regarding sexual harassment. The complaint was demonstrated to be fraudulent as it was completely fabricated, and ultimately withdrawn by the complainant and his attorneys.

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The claim against Goddard Sam Singer mentions was a case brought against director Bryan Singer, executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman and Goddard by Michael Egan. Egan accused the four men of raping him, however the case was dropped.

Goddard’s newest project, Broadway 4D, is due out next year. He wrote and co-directed the film with Bryan Singer, who is also facing new allegations about his behavior.

Read the original Anthony Edwards molested article here.


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