Anthony Scaramucci, the New White House Communications Chief, Is Pro-LGBTQ

Anthony Scaramucci, the New White House Communications Chief, Is Pro-LGBTQ

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In case you hadn’t heard, Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, formally resigned today in disagreement with the hiring of New York financier and former FOX news Anthony Scaramucci as the White House’s new communications director. We’ll miss Melissa McCarthy depicting Spicer on Saturday Night Live, but Scaramucci’s appointment brings at least one upside: He’s pro-LGBTQ, unlike most of Trump’s cabinet appointments.

According to The Washington Blade, Scaramucci was “a founder and co-managing partner of Skybridge Capital hedge fund and a former employee at Goldman Sachs.” He also served as a regular Fox News contributor and host of Wall Street Week on the Fox Business Network and publicly supported LGBTQ rights.

Anthony Scaramucci’s Pro-LGBTQ Record

He has made past donations to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the American Unity Fund, a non-profit pro-LGBT Republican organization.

In March 2016, Scaramucci also tweeted his opposition to North Carolina’s transphobic bathroom bill, HB2, writing: “This is shameful. Some of these quotes [in support of HB2] read like The Onion. What were you thinking, North Carolina? GOP should be party of economic progress not social regression.”

Scaramucci wants to improve Trump’s public image

Scaramucci says he wants to help improve the public’s perception of Trump:

“I think there’s been at times a disconnect between the way we see the president and how much we love the president, and the way some of you perhaps see the president…. To use a Wall Street expression, there might be an albatross spread between how well we are doing and how well some of you guys think we are doing, and we’re going to work hard to close that spread.”

Upon his appointment, Scaramucci began to delete his past tweets criticizing Trump. It’ll be interesting to see if he does the same with any of his past policy positions that contradict Trump’s.

Regarding Scaramucci’s appointment, Chad Griffin, president of the HRC, told The Washington Blade, “Anthony has been strong supporter of LGBTQ rights in the past, and we hope he is able to influence the Trump administration to abandon their attacks on all those who make up our diverse community.”

Who is taking Sean Spicer’s old job?

After Spicer’s resignation, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of anti-LGBTQ Republican politician Mike Huckabee (or Schmuck-abee, as we like to call him) was promoted from her old job as deputy White House press secretary to full-on White House press secretary.

During Spicer’s tenure as White House press secretary, he uttered a litany easily disapprovable falsehoods.

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