Anti-Circumcision Activist Sells Sculptures Made Out Of ‘Foreskin’

Anti-Circumcision Activist Sells Sculptures Made Out Of ‘Foreskin’

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(WARNING: Video above somewhat NSFW)

For a mere $1,000 you can have a foreskin sculpture made by Italian anti-circumcision activist Vincenzo Aiello.

Sadly(?), it’s not made of real foreskin; it’s just a replica made of silicon resin. And it’s not a real sculpture like Michaelangelo’s David; it’s just a “hyper realistic” flap that resembles the veiny, fatty tissue cut away by doctors when they circumcise a cock.

In his NSFW Kickstarter, Aiello explains that he got circumcised as an adult and is raising $40,000 to help educate people about foreskin. Did we also mention that he’s president of Foregen, a med-tech company that promises to help rebuild foreskins on circumcised people? That means his offer of foreskin isn’t entirely altruistic — is any offer of foreskin ever altruistic?

Aiello also says that while most doctors describe circumcision as “just a cut,” a fully adult foreskin has about 15 square inches full of over 20,000 nerve endings (half the number found in the clitoris). That’s a lot of sensation!

Granted, female circumcision (or female genital mutilation as it’s more accurately called) is a much bigger world problem, occurring in over 125 million African and Middle Eastern females. But Aiello isn’t alone in opposing penile cutting — just ask the anti-circumcision activists of Intact America.

Botched male circumcisions around the world can result in outright castration, creating the need for full penis transplants, so Aiello is right when he says that circumcision is a real problem.

But for him, it’s all about the pleasure and functionality. So if you had your foreskin cut away as a kid, you can get one back for $1,000, just don’t try and re-attach it, leave that to a medical professional.

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