Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Anti-Gay Abortion Protestors

Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Anti-Gay Abortion Protestors

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On Sept. 28, Seattle, Washington had a number of anti-abortion protests. The protests happened in different places all over the city, including the Lenin Statue in the Fremont neighborhood, a Seattle public school and more.

This was part of a campaign by The Tenth Mark, an anti-abortion organization. They had announced the protests a few days prior via creepy flyers reading “YOU ARE NOT SAFE” and directing readers to visit Prior to the protests, the website merely displayed the “YOU ARE NOT SAFE” legend. Afterward, the URL redirected viewers to The Tenth Mark’s website. (We’re not linking, because the site features videos with graphic images.)

This SFW video from the YouTube account AbolishHumanAbortion explains their campaign:

But all that protesting and fearmongering kicks up a powerful thirst. So, protestors from AbolishHumanAbortion and The Tenth Mark stopped by Seattle’s Bedlam Cafe to get a coffee. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t go so well, as this Facebook video illustrates:


In the video, Bedlam owner, Ben Borgman confronted them. “I’m gay. You have to leave,” he said.

The protestors asked if he was denying them service, which he confirmed he was. Borgman confronted them with a pamphlet he found. The pamphlet — which, again, features very graphic imagery — has a rainbow flag and a fist printed with the legend “Love Hasn’t Won Yet.”

Inside the pamphlet has a short essay entitled “We Are a Prideful Culture Full of Hatred, Bigotry, Intolerance and Oppression,” along with another rainbow flag. That is followed with a disgusting picture of a pair of rainbow-colored, bloodied hands over a graphic image of an aborted fetus (see it here, but beware the image is VERY disturbing). The back cover is another essay and a line encouraging people to go to

Though the protestors hadn’t handed out the pamphlets inside, they admitted it was one of theirs. Borgman again told the protestors they weren’t welcome in his cafe, and they refused to leave. The protestors keep asking Bergman if they’re denying them service — and asking why Borgman is offended. (Perhaps it’s the homophobic and grotesque pamphlet.)

Borgman answers their pleas for “tolerance” with a question about whether or not they’d tolerate him getting his “boyfriend and fucking him in the ass right here.” When the protestors admit that they wouldn’t want to watch that, Borgman replies “Well then, I don’t have to fucking tolerate this!”

On leaving, the protestors comment “Seattle has proved itself not to be tolerant.”

Considering the political fights against the LGBTQ community lately, it’s particularly amusing when anti-LGBTQ protestors complain about their bigotry not being tolerated. What’s that? Oh, it’s just the world’s smallest violin.

This story has made the rounds of right-wing news sites, where they try to paint the protestors as heroes unfairly bullied. But considering that these sites are also the ones who come out in favor of bakers refusing to bake wedding cakes for gay couples, it’s a bit ironic they’re against this instance of a business owner standing up for their beliefs.


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