Anti-Gay Doctor Lies To Rhode Island Legislature About Gay Families

Anti-Gay Doctor Lies To Rhode Island Legislature About Gay Families

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Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse lied before the Rhode Island legislature about gay families in America, and then just to make sure everyone in the world knew she was perjuring herself, went ahead and recorded her testimony again in what appears to be her laundry room, before sharing it on YouTube. It’s always such a treat when religious bigots eviscerate their own credibility so that we don’t have to bother pointing out that they are nutso.

Our favorite part is her question, “Do you really want a world in which children may have three or four legal parents?” Um…haven’t we all been living in that world for forty years? I personally had a mother and father who both remarried, and provided me with a step-father and step-mother, both of which who served as additional legal guardians. The world didn’t explode. Come on doc. Get your facts straight before your get up on your pedestal.

“The only argument you have is so-called equality.” Riiiight. So-called. “You’ve taken a venerable American concept and twisted it all out of recognition. Equality used to mean limiting the power of the state to make irrelevant distinctions amongst citizens. In your hands, equality has become a battering ram for smashing every aspect of social life that has any hint of sexual differentiation.”

OK, a few things. When did equality ever mean limiting the power of the state? Where is homegirl finding this definition? Second graders have a better understand of the word than this woman. And second of all, you just made our point for us. How can social life with sexual differentiation provide equality for anyone? Differentiation is the exact thing we are fighting against here!

It’s at this point that I just have to stop watching because I’ve ripped all of the hair out of my head. Continue on if you dare.

Homegirl has obviously had too much of her own Kool-Aid to drink, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Her video leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth and one overwhelming question:

Couldn’t she have run a brush through that hair before recording herself for all the world to see?

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