An Anti-Gay, Pro-Statutory Rape Troll Got Fired After Insulting Katie Price’s Disabled Son

An Anti-Gay, Pro-Statutory Rape Troll Got Fired After Insulting Katie Price’s Disabled Son

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An internet troll who posted anti-gay, pro-statutory rape comments lost his job after British TV personality Katie Price hunted him down for insulting her son.

Mark Williams was a typical Twitter troll, spending his free time on the site spewing hate against marginalized people. He suggested hanging gays. He wrote in support of Adam Johnson, a soccer star convicted of having sex with an underage girl.

But then he messed with Katie Price. More specifically, he messed with her son, Harvey, who is blind, autistic, and has Prader-Willi Syndrome and ADHD.

Williams joked about the boy choking to death and Photoshopped him into unflattering pictures with ableist themes. When Price saw them, she asked her followers to identify the troll:

British tabloid The Sun somehow hunted Williams down to his parents’ home, where he lives. They asked him if he felt guilty. His response was, “I’m not interested.”

But after some major backlash, Williams lost his job and offered a sincere apology, which was quoted in Pink News:

I’d like to sincerely apologise first of all to Katie Price, Harvey and their family for the immature and thoughtless comments I have made.

Secondly for those who know me, close friends and family, I would like to apologise for the shame I have brought to you all.

Lesson learned: don’t fuck with Katie Price.

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