Anti-LGBTQ GOP Candidate Marco Rubio Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Anti-LGBTQ GOP Candidate Marco Rubio Is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has said he’d undo all the protections passed for LGBTQ citizens. But since Rubio is only polling at 12 percent, far behind Trump or Carson — why should anyone care? Here’s a reason: Experts agree — Rubio will likely be the final Republican candidate.

In a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s chief political correspondent David Brody, Rubio claimed he’d stack the Supreme Court with anti-gay justices and undo Obama’s executive orders banning businesses from discriminating against LGBTQ people. Rubio even said he’d back further “bathroom bills” keeping trans citizens out of the bathroom that fits their gender identity — despite the fact that none of America’s largest school districts with trans non-discrimination policies have reported even one inappropriate act by a trans student.

Rubio’s extreme stance is likely an attempt to shore up anti-gay support. The ultra-right Tea Party Republicans have been accusing Rubio of being soft on gays because one of his backers, Paul Singer, is a same-sex marriage supporter. Lest anyone think that Singer is a secret leftist trying to bring the GOP down from the inside, gay marriage is the only issue where Singer deviates from the party line — Singer is a friend of and contributor to the Koch Brothers, the wealthy right-wing financiers who oppose everything from labor unions and environmental protections to gun reform and expanding voter rights.

Even though Rubio’s currently third in the polls, he’s the leading “establishment” candidate. Both Trump and Carson are outliers, who will probably (hopefully!) fall away once the primaries finish. If the final election comes down to the two “establishment” candidates, Rubio versus Clinton, Clinton’s likely to win, but it’ll be a very close race, and one that could have dire consequences for queers if Rubio should win.

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