trans bus graffiti

NOM’s Disgusting Transphobic Bus Got Graffiti’d in New York City

Yesterday in New York City, the National Organization for Marriage’s traveling bus with an anti-transgender message was vandalized with pro-trans graffiti written in spray paint.

USA Today writes:

The “Free Speech Bus,” as it is called by organizers, was parked near the UN for a scheduled event when two people approached, scratched it with a key, cracked windows with a hammer, and spray painted slogans such as “Trans Liberation,” Brian Brown, president of the Washington-based National Organization for Marriage, told USA TODAY.

NOM, an intensely anti-LGBTQ group that opposes marriage equality, posted an image of the graffiti on Twitter and demanded that the King and Queen of Queerdom denounce the act:

The rest of Twitter was not very sympathetic:

This isn’t the first time the transphobimobile has run into trouble. There was a similar campaign in Madrid, but city officials chased the bus out of the city.