This Teacher Gave His Students a ‘Drag Race’-Inspired Spelling Test for April Fool’s Day (Video)

This Teacher Gave His Students a ‘Drag Race’-Inspired Spelling Test for April Fool’s Day (Video)

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April Fool’s Day is right around the corner, and this gay teacher couldn’t resist having some fun early with his class. Joe Dombrowski, a teacher in Royal Oak, Michigan, gave his students a little spelling test that entirely comprised of fake words.

He made it even more fantastic by including some RuPaul’s Drag Race vocabulary. One of the joke words “Ro-laska-tox” really stumped his class, especially considering how he included the hyphens in its spelling.

Referring to season five, Dombrowski said, “Ro-laska-tox were surprised when Jinkx took the crown. If you didn’t get the hyphens, I’m sorry you did not get the word.”

Once the last word is read out, the lovable and handsome teacher reveals to his students that it was all an April Fool’s joke.

“It’s not even April,” several of the kids yell out. Dombrowski responds, “It’s close enough!”

Another student yells, “Is this going to be a part of our grade?”

“Congratulations, turn in your test. This is going to be on your report card.”

This isn’t the first time the fourth grade teacher has used his spelling test as an opportunity to show of his comedic chops.

In a video posted to his Instagram, he uses lyrics from Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign” to explain the context of the word, “Sign.”

Spelling test…I had to!

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He also included more Drag Race vocabulary another day when he asked the kids, “Reading is what?”

#becausereadingiswhat #math #reading

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Mr. D seems to love going off book. He discusses his teaching philosophy and the importance of changing his classroom’s daily routine to keep kid’s attention, especially when it gets warmer out.

“Responses from parents were through the roof,” he writes on his blog. “They were raving about how excited their kids were for all of our new projects. A few parents even admitted that their kids were quoted saying they did not want to leave school for summer. Now I don’t know about you, but when a kid says they don’t want to leave you know you’re doing something right.”

Mr. D is a teacher we can all learn something from.

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