12 Photos Proving Why This Iranian Porn Star is the Sexiest of Them All (NSFW)

12 Photos Proving Why This Iranian Porn Star is the Sexiest of Them All (NSFW)

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Meet Arad Winwin.

You may recognize him from the countless campaigns he done for Andrew Christian, or maybe from some of the films he has performed in for CockyBoys and Men.com. Not only does he have an incredibly sexy look, he also has an incredible story that spans three continents.

His story is making headlines after a recent interview with Cocktails and Cocktalk where he describes his experience as an Iranian refugee, coming to America with nothing. “Living in Iran is not a happy life. People are just trying to trying to survive day-to-day,” he tells C and C. “People are denied every type of freedom, personal choice and chance to advance ​their​ lives.”

He first traveled to Turkey where he was imprisoned for being there illegally. After six months, he learned of the United Nations Refugee Program. As a gay man, the U.N accepted him because they knew he would be killed if he was sent back to Iran.

“The U.N. makes refugees repay their airline tickets so I spent the next year trying to pay that off…but at least I was free and I appreciated that Americans have a basic respect for each other which doesn’t exist in Iran.”

After meeting Andrew Christian, Winwin established himself as a fixture in the LGBTQ community, trying to help Americans understand the plight of many Middle Easterns — gay or straight.

“I want to help make Americans understand that most people from the Middle East are just like you and me. They want to live in peace and freedom and many good people need our assistance.”

Now that you know his incredible story, here are 12 photos of the Iranian beauty that get a little more NSFW the more you scroll down. Do you dare go all the way?








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