This Photographer Celebrates Positive Body Image with Nudes of Large, Diverse Men

This Photographer Celebrates Positive Body Image with Nudes of Large, Diverse Men

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Anthony Patrick Manieri is a photographer and art director who specializes in food, portraits and weddings, but he also has an ongoing pet project of his that promotes and celebrates body positive images for men. It’s called Arrested Movement and it features nude men of color and size. We’ve never seen anything quite like it, and if you live in certain parts of North America and Western Europe, you could be part of it.

“We as a culture are bombarded with what is considered to be beautiful and acceptable through television, movies, advertising and the dominant juggernaut of social media,” Manieri says on his website.

He continues:

If we were to truly love ourselves from the inside out, we would be without judgement, without negative ego. Unstoppable. My hope is that the end result of this project is to create a dialogue about loving yourself, and create a ripple effect in social consciousness.

We found out about the project after Manieri took some black-and-white photos of one our friends in New York City. While we’ve seen body positive photo projects in the past, Manieri’s is different in two notable ways.

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First, the men aren’t just posed in a pin-up style. They’re captured in elegant ballet-like poses. As a result, his portraits capture a beauty, grace, dynamic movement that is often lacking from nude images of men.

Second, the chorgraphed poses help each man radiate his own unique, quiet confidence and personality, making each portrait seem more intimate and tender than if the men were simply flexing or coyishly posing.


Here are some shots from Anthony Manieri’s Arrested Movement:

Though our friend told us that Manieri intends on a release, Manieri is still working on his body positive project. While he has released a video teaser, he still has plans to shoot guys in Canada within Halifax, Ottawa and Vancouver; in the U.S. within Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Phoenix and Seattle; and in Europe within Hamburg, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome.

He has already photographed men in Montréal, Toronto and London. But if you’d like to model when he comes to your city, you can sign up for upcoming shoot notifications at his website.


Here’s a video for Anthony Manieri’s Arrested Movement:

Featured image via the Arrested Movement Instagram

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