There Have Been 10 Attacks on LGBTQ Centers Over the Last Year

There Have Been 10 Attacks on LGBTQ Centers Over the Last Year

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Early this week, an unidentified man fired shots at the Equality Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bullets did not enter the center thanks to reinforced windows, but it’s the 10th attack on an LGBTQ center over the last year. Here’s are the nine others:

1) Feb. 9, 2016

Someone spray painted Milwaukee’s Diverse & Resilient center with the slur “fag” — it was the third time in two months the center had been vandalized with graffiti.

2) Feb. 10, 2016

Someone spray painted “Fuck Trannies” twice and “Fuck All Y’all” once on the exterior of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

3) Aug. 11, 2016

A random guy broke windows in San Francisco’s LGBT Community Center while shouting homophobic slurs.

4) September 2016

The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa, California experienced “a rash of burglaries and vandalism” including a break-in where the burglars broke a window, stole laptops and charged $10,000 onto donor credit cards.

5) Oct. 22, 2016

A 21-year-old pocket dyke set fire to the Las Vegas LGBT Center, saying the LGBT community “needed to pay for their sins.” She later claimed that Oprah Winfrey told her to do it. No she didn’t, girl. No she didn’t.

6 & 7) Oct. 28, 2016

The Equality House in Topeka, Kansas was riddled with bullets and defaced with graffiti that said “Fuk Fags.” In June, the house was pelted with feces and urine.

8) Feb. 23, 2017

Unknown vandals smashed a window at the Orlando Equality office in Florida. The window contained the organization’s banner with an equal sign logo.

9) Mar. 4, 2017

Vandals smashed a glass door at the Garden State Equality Center in Asbury, New Jersey.

These acts of vandalism have coincided alongside the nine attacks on gay bars since the Orlando Pulse nightclub tragedy in June 2016.

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