‘Attitude’ Magazine Slammed for Insensitive Joke About Parkland School Shooting

‘Attitude’ Magazine Slammed for Insensitive Joke About Parkland School Shooting

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Attitude magazine was slammed by many on social media after it tweeted a joke that alluded to the Parkland school shooting

The UK-based LGBT magazine tweeted a picture of its front cover to President Trump. Alongside the picture they wrote: “Just to be clear @realDonaldTrump – these are the only guns you should see in a classroom…”

The joke was immediately slammed by followers.

One person wrote: “Wow Attitude. Way to exploit a major tragedy and the current gun control debate to sell your rag and keep your advertisers happy. Get in the bin.”

Former journalist Keith Andrew added: “Jesus Christ, this is terrible.”

Andrew was then blocked by the Attitude account. He later said: “This has genuinely depressed me. @AttitudeMag was the first gay magazine I ever bought.”


Darren Styles, a spokesperson for Attitude magazine, said that they were “sorry for the post in question:”

Cliff Joannou, editor of Attitude magazine, clarified that the tweets came from a member of staff who was not senior. “It was posted by a member of staff and has since been deleted by a senior member of the digital team. It’s certainly not reflective of wider editorial policy,” he wrote.

Since his apology, the initial tweet has been deleted and users have been unblocked.

The cover

Darren Styles’ entire statement can be read here:

“The last thing anybody at Attitude seeks to do is cause offence or conflict – plenty enough of that rains on the LGBT+ community as it is.

A member of our digital team, incensed by overnight reporting of President Trump’s insane suggestion that schoolteachers should be armed, sought to dismiss the proposition by ridiculing the President with some wordplay and a cover dating back several years featuring a well-known teacher and friend of Attitude, Pietro Boselli.

The understandable anger we all feel at the recklessness of the man in the White House, allied to the helplessness as we watch, can cloud judgement (just ask Kathy Griffin) – and on this occasion the emotion of the moment and a desire to strike back has led to a post that has caused offense to a number of people.

We apologize unreservedly for that. It’s not something most of us would have written, and we deeply regret any hurt that has been caused.

In calmer times I do believe the lack of malice would be obvious – the target is evidently President Trump – and thousands of readers this morning did understand and react positively to that. Some respondents, conversely, crossed a line in terms of language we are prepared to leave online, which inflamed the situation further.

But the young and politically engaged aren’t always as mindful as we’d want them to be around wider sensitivities, and – as I say – it is an error of judgement.

Our Editors have apologized unreservedly, as do I, and a number of early respondents have been gracious enough to accept those apologies and engage constructively. I believe the premise was widely understood, even if the execution wasn’t appreciated. The tweet has long been deleted.”

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