This Aussie Man Is Proud of His Small Penis, and He Went on TV to Prove It

This Aussie Man Is Proud of His Small Penis, and He Went on TV to Prove It

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“Anxiety grows in the dark,” says Ant Smith, responding to the question of why he’s decided to draw attention to his small penis on television instead of shying away from the subject. As it turns out, Smith is proud of his small penis and doesn’t care who knows it.

Last week the Australian middle-aged man went on the chat show This Morning to discuss his four-inch endowment with the show’s hosts — and the world. The segment was called “I have a small penis and I’m proud of it.”

“I went years and years thinking, ‘Oh, I am the only one with this problem,’ and by keeping quiet, I wasn’t letting anyone else with the same problem realize that you’re never really alone,” he continues.

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As we’ve covered before, micropenises are extremely rare, affecting only about 0.6% of men. That makes use of the term (which technically refers to a penis less than 2.8 inches when stretched) more common than the condition itself. Basically, not every “small penis” is a micropenis, for which hormone therapy is sometimes used as treatment.

Smith is opposed to use of the term “micropenis” — at least when referring to himself — saying it’s little more than a medical term and is most often just used to “label people.”

In the episode’s most cringeworthy part, Smith — whose penis is around one inch soft, four inches erect, only about an inch shorter than the worldwide average of 5.16 inches — demonstrates the growth of his penis on a couple makeshift male model cutouts. (Shown below.)

“Our expectations are skewed,” says Smith, which is a rather difficult premise to argue against, what with men’s rampant self-exaggeration and the prevalence of large penises on-camera in both straight and gay porn. “In this day, [a penis the size of the famous David statue] is perfectly normal.”

Near the end of the segment, the show’s hosts and Smith discuss a few penis-lengthening techniques, though Smith seems perfectly complacent with his personal penis size.

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“I use more than just that part of my anatomy [referring to his penis] in my relationship with my beautiful wife,” Smith laughs, to which we say, right on!

This guy is what a real-life hero looks like. He may not be “packing” in the penis department, but he has some serious balls. We salute you, Ant Smith!

Watch Ant Smith discuss why he’s proud of his small penis:

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