This Hunky Australian Firefighter Calendar Is So Hot Your Pants Might Catch on Fire

This Hunky Australian Firefighter Calendar Is So Hot Your Pants Might Catch on Fire

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It’s November and 2017 is almost over (thank goodness), which means that groups are promoting their sexy 2018 calendars. We’ve already shown you Mike Ruiz’s fur-filled Heart Throbs and Hounds calendar, the naked jocks in the Dieux du Stade calendar and the Amsterdam rugby calendar featuring men wrestling naked in public. We just caught wind of an Australian firefighter calendar that’s so hot, it almost makes us want to set our homes on fire just so they’ll visit.

Luckily, you don’t watch to set your home on fire to get these sexy firefighters in your home. You can just shell out $20 and get 12 months worth of “Australia’s hottest firefighters” in your study or boudoir. It’ll be hard to concentrate or sleep with these muscular men gazing from the calendar’s glossy pages, but you’ll feel also much safer in their shirtless presence.

And if seeing a bunch of sexy firemen isn’t enough to make you warm, some of the shots feature the men cuddling puppies, walking with a horse and holding an adorable koala bear (all courtesy of Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo).


Here are some shots from the 2018 Australian firefighter calendar:

And if that’s still not enough to open your heart (and wallet) to these burly, animal-loving defenders of human life, their calendar also benefits a slew of charities including the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Mates 4 Mates (a charity benefitting wounded soldiers), Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors (an animal preservation group) and several other children’s charities.

If you’re into fiery and sizzling fireman chic, you should also check out the Red Hot 2018 calendar. It isn’t filled with firemen, it’s filled with fiery red-heads, stripping down and showing the goods. Their calendar raises money for the Movember Foundation’s Testicular Cancer Awareness, an organization raising awareness about men’s health.


To grab an Australian firefighter calendar, head here.

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