This Gay Aussie Student Opposes Marriage Equality, But the Crowd Just Thinks He’s an A**hole

This Gay Aussie Student Opposes Marriage Equality, But the Crowd Just Thinks He’s an A**hole

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First we had a gay couple explaining their opposition to Australian marriage equality. (Apparently it will lead to polygamy or something.) And now we have an openly gay college student opposing marriage equality because it will “destroy everything that is good about Australia,” including the country’s family, schools, politics and churches.

In a video of him speaking at an anti-marriage equality rally, the Queensland University student, known only as Wilson, says thousands of gay people oppose same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, lots of young onlookers call him an “asshole” and shout as he speaks.


Here is a video of the openly gay student opposing Australian marriage equality:


As the jeers continue, Wilson says:

We’re here today because we support marriage as it always has been, between one man and one woman. I am here specifically because I am a gay man. I am a gay conservative who wants to see marriage the way it is.

There are thousands of gay people in this country who are against same-sex marriage, who see the effects it will have on the family, on schools, on politics and on churches. These people hate us. They call us Nazis, bigots, homophobes. They’re the real haters.

They’re people who want to destroy everything that is good about Australia, people who want to destroy everything I love about Australia.

Young people continue shouting during his speech, and Wilson asks, “Where is the real hatred here? Where is the real hatred coming from in this debate?”

It’s a good question, so we’ll answer it.


If same-sex marriage is about “love,” why are its supporters so “hateful”?

As we’ve explained before, the LGBTQ community has to be intolerant of intolerance. If we allow laws and people to work against our equal rights, it harms our well-being and threatens our very lives.

We’re not having a polite political discussion about semantics and romance: We’re talking about securing the legal rights to care for our loved ones and property, the same rights that straight people have had for centuries.

And when you try to deny us those rights, it’s like being told we’re not worthy of them and that you’d rather we remain politically powerless, subject to discrimination and vulnerable to losing our families and homes rather than have the same rights as you. That’s why we’re so angry.

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Wilson’s speech has been heavily touted by a Facebook page calling itself “Our Voice Our Vote” (OVOV). They’re a group whose entire strategy seems to be promoting the idea that many LGBTQ people oppose same-sex marriage.

As part of their proof, they have linked to a video by transphobic, Islamophobic, right-wing, white supremacist troll Milo Yiannopoulos — you remember, the guy who said he was happy that a Catholic priest molested him. In the video OVOV links to, Yiannopoulos says he would stop being gay if he could. (We say great, let heteros have him.)

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Australia is in the middle of a non-binding but still important nationwide vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. The result could determine whether the government takes up legislation to do so. The voting started this month and continues through Nov. 7, 2017.


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