Australian Study Finds Almost One-Third of Gay/Bi Men Use Poppers

An Australian study released this month has found that nearly one-third of gay/bi men use amyl nitrate (colloquially known as “poppers”).

The study, released by researchers associated with the University of New South Wales, found that about half (50.5%) of gay/bi men in the country had used illicit drugs in the previous six months. More specifically, 12% had used crystal meth, 21.8% had used erectile dysfunction medication and 32.1% had used poppers.

Those are numbers well above the national average, meaning—and this likely isn’t shocking—that gay men are more prone to using these substances than other groups.

In comparison, 2.1% of the general population in Australia uses methamphetamines, and just 15% had used an illicit drug in the 12 months prior to the study’s results.