Author Says ‘Watching Glee Is Like Stepping In Puddle of HIV’

Author Says ‘Watching Glee Is Like Stepping In Puddle of HIV’

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American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has joined Victoria Jackson on the questionable things to say about Glee train this week with his bizarre tweets about the correlation between the musical television program and um…HIV.

We don’t really understand the point he is trying to make, nor do we understand why anyone with any sort of public notoriety fails to understand the distinction between one’s personal and public circle. Crack bizarre HIV jokes about Glee if you must in your living room, but to broadcast them online to the whole world is just idiotic.

“Foam party fags” or “puddle of HIV”?

For the record, Ellis may or may not be gay himself, and is comfortable being thought of as LGBT. Still, much like the gay Vanity Fair  author who called Kurt and Blaine “fags”, your own homosexuality doesn’t make saying inflammatory nonsense in public a good idea.

Have you or a loved one contracted HIV from watching Glee?

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