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Stories by Alex Garner

5 Simple Ways for Guys to Ramp Up Their Masturbation Game

You don’t have to bend over backwards or shell out hard-earned cash to masturbate better — just follow these five rather simple tips

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The Web Series ‘Undocumented Tales’ Explores the Complex Lives of Undocumented Queer People

When queer undocumented people have the opportunity to tell their own stories, as in ‘Undocumented Tales,’ it can transform our politics and culture.

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Learn These 11 Bits of Gay Mexican Slang for Flirting and Hooking Up

If you’re looking to flirt or hook up in Mexico, these 11 bits of gay Mexican slang will help, especially if you’re looking for an ‘activo dominante’

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Ordering an HIV Self-Test Kit? Hornet and the LGBT Token Can Help With That

The LGBT Token has put an HIV self-test on the blockchain, available online and accessible directly through the Hornet app.

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