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11 Sketches of Female Superheroes and Villains Imagined as Sexy Muscle Hunks

We are loving this collection of sketches by ZachArt reimagining female superheroes and villains as sexy hunks and delicious trade

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These 3 Iconic Gay Films Almost Had Completely Different Casts

These three iconic gay films and the characters in them have been extremely influential on the entertainment world. From the sashaying ways of Albert Goldman to the stoic silence of Ennis Del Mar, these personas have left an indelible imprint on our society. Especially as LGBT people, we looked to[…]

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We’ve Found the Perfect Gift and It’s These Sexy Ceramics (NSFW)

Toronto based Pansy Ass Ceramics makes your Grandma’s china into something a bit more gay

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This Instagram Account Full of Studs Also Provides a Powerful Gay History Lesson

Photographer Mike Balaban’s Instagram account pairs beautiful photography with powerful captions that are a gay history lesson we all need

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