Stories by Alexander Kacala

This Artist’s Photos Depict Gay Millennial Love Stories of the Digital Age

In New York City, 22 year-old photographer Leo Chang is using his work to shine a light on gay millennial love in the digital age

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Make Your Place the Queerest on the Block With Gay Vases, Sexy Plates and Penis Planters (NSFW)

Toronto based Pansy Ass Ceramics makes your Grandma’s china into something a bit more gay

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These Men Who Have Sex With Men Think Being Called Bisexual Is Too Gay

According to a new report, men who sometimes sleep with other men are opting not to label themselves as bisexual because that’s ‘too gay’

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George Quaintance Is the Gay Artist Who Taught Tom of Finland Everything He Knows

George Quaintance was the preeminent ’male physique’ artist of the 1940s and early ’50s and inspired a generation of artists like Tom of Finland

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