Stories by Chaaz Quigley

Op-Ed: If You’re Black and ‘Prefer’ Not to Date Black Men, That’s Internalized Racism

When black, 19-year-old guitarist Steve Lacy recently explained why he didn’t want to date black men, he overlooked his own internalized racism

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If A Bi Woman Screams “Faggot”, Is It Still A Slur?

Some gay men regularly use misogynist slurs. So is it hypocritical of them to get upset when someone else uses homophobic slurs?

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5 Reasons You Should Be Watching “The Young Turks”

If you like “Last Week Tonight” and “The Daily Show”, you’ll love The Young Turks. Here’s 5 reasons why they’re killing it as an alternative news program.

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Black Guns Matter: I Attended an Armed Counter-Protest Against Anti-Islamic Militants in Dallas

A first-person report of a weekend stand-off between a white, right-wing nationalist group and a Black gun club in the streets of Dallas

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