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This Queer Communist From Kentucky Radicalized the Male Body In His Art

Two recent exhibitions have brought to light the artwork of Edward Melcarth, an openly gay painter, whose art challenged the norms of his time.

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10 Marvel Superheroes You May Not Know Had Queer Storylines

Looking for queer superheroes? Well, look no further. These 10 gay Marvel characters have pushed boundaries and made LGBTQ comic book history.

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‘The Joy of Gay Sex’ Is 44 Years Old. Let’s Celebrate Its Provocative Illustrations

This marks the anniversary of “The Joy of Gay Sex” — a groundbreaking gay sex guide — so let’s learn about its history and enjoy its artwork

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Does Your O-Face Have an Accent? Orgasm Faces Are Different Around the World

Psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland organized a recent study that found people’s orgasm faces could actually have an “accent.”

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