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Indie Film ‘Minari’ Presents a Fresh But Familiar American Immigrant Story

Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari is a sweet, modest independent film about a family of Korean immigrants relocated to Arkansas to try their luck as farmers; a memory piece based, in part, on Chung’s own experience in the 1980s (when the film takes place). It doesn’t pander to the decade, as rural[…]

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10 Songs About Gay Sex That Make the Perfect Naughty Playlist

There’s no better way to celebrate Pride than with sexy music, and these are 10 of our favorites

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George Michael’s 10 Essential Tracks, Ranked

Let’s remember the music—both with Wham! and as a solo artist—that spanned a multi-decade pop music career

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Hornet’s 20 Favorite Albums of 2020

In the year of eternal lockdown, it was hard to listen to music. Not, you know, physically difficult, but tough to connect, especially — though not only — with dance music. No end in sight, no clubs reopening that weren’t in Florida or the Ozarks (or New Zealand — congrats),[…]

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