Author: Devin Bannon

Game of Thrones Google Map = Best Geek Gift Ever

Someone created a Google-style map of the Game of Thrones continent of Westeros, and it’s exactly as awesome as it sounds — and it’s on sale!

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VIDEO: A Colorblind Person Sees Full Color For The First Time

Devin Bannon has been colorblind since birth. He got some special glasses to finally see the world in full-color, but it didn’t go quite as expected…

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Style & Stuff
A Beautiful Message for Mother’s Day

Butchbaby & Co created a lovely video reminding us that mothers coming in all colors of skin and all colors of the rainbow should be celebrated.

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Bro-Targeted Vodka’s Tagline: “Don’t Act Like A Mary”

Vodka company “BALLS” has a tagline that’s sure to rub the gay community the wrong way: “Don’t Act Like a Mary Unless Your Name is Mary!”

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THE EVISCERATION OF MIMI: New York Times Review Tears Mariah Carey’s New Vegas Show to Shreds

One day after Mimi opened her big new production in Vegas, the NY Times published one of the most deliciously scathing reviews in memory.

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A Short, Thorough Explanation Of Why Islam Forbids Drawing The Prophet Muhammad

before you jump into a debate at your next dinner party, do yourself a favor and brush up on the basics of why Islam bans drawings of the prophet in the first place.

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NYC Party Yellowface Image Causes Facebook Firestorm

NYC event promoter Ladyfag (aka Rayne Baron), has drawn backlash online after using racist ‘Asian’ imagery to advertise the monthly party ‘Holy Mountain.’

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Laverne Cox Shatters Stereotypes in Nude Photoshoot

Laverne Cox poses in nude photoshoot for Allure, continuing her mission of breaking barriers for the black trans community in the media.

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BATMEN: Ranking The 8 Actors To Play The Dark Knight

We review all 8 actors who have played the Dark Knight in film and TV to definitively answer the question: Who was the greatest Batman of all time?

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Hillary Clinton Campaign Launch Video Features Gay Couple Planning to Marry

Clinton’s video marks the first time a gay couple preparing to marry has been featured in a presidential campaign announcement video.

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