Stories by Devin Bannon

Game of Thrones Google Map = Best Geek Gift Ever

Someone created a Google-style map of the Game of Thrones continent of Westeros, and it’s exactly as awesome as it sounds — and it’s on sale!

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VIDEO: A Colorblind Person Sees Full Color For The First Time

Devin Bannon has been colorblind since birth. He got some special glasses to finally see the world in full-color, but it didn’t go quite as expected…

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Style & Stuff
A Beautiful Message for Mother’s Day

Butchbaby & Co created a lovely video reminding us that mothers coming in all colors of skin and all colors of the rainbow should be celebrated.

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Bro-Targeted Vodka’s Tagline: “Don’t Act Like A Mary”

Vodka company “BALLS” has a tagline that’s sure to rub the gay community the wrong way: “Don’t Act Like a Mary Unless Your Name is Mary!”

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