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Hookers, Hustlers & Whores: 10 Films Illustrating How Hollywood Depicts Sex Workers

Sex workers, gigolos, hustlers, hookers — whatever term you prefer, here’s how film history has handled the world’s oldest profession

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10 Films Where Bisexuals Aren’t Portrayed as Villainous, Confused Creeps

Most bi film characters get portrayed as confused, predatory or destructive. But these 10 films celebrate and examine bi lives in living color—take a look!

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Female Trouble: 10 Unusual Horror Movies Directed by Women

Horror ain’t just a boy’s club. There’s lots of unusual horror movies directed by women. Here’s 10 of the most troubling female flicks — enjoy!

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Legal Dumbness: Yoga Pants, Sheena Easton And Three Other Idiotic Bans

Sometimes politicians, in their sworn duties to protect the public from danger, go a little too far… in really stupid directions. Like, say, banning Yoga Pants.

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