Author: Ben Allen

The Only Way To Stop Toxic Gamer Culture: Start Playing Out Loud

Racism, misogyny and queerphobia don’t have to be a normal part of playing online games, especially if more of us oppose it.

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The World of Weird Eurovision: 5 Countries who Tried Too Hard to Win

Some countries try to win Eurovision with off-the-wall, cutting-edge acts — and they usually end up crashed and burned … except for a notable few

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That Time an Evil Genius Reinvented Eurovision and Destroyed France Gall’s Innocence

The totally true story of how an evil pop-genius changed the world’s largest singing competition and disgraced a young pop starlet.

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Ashes to Ashes, Fun to Funky: Gilgamesh, Odysseus, and the Ascent of the Homo Superior

David Bowie, the writer of the defining myth of our century, has died. Find out why Major Tom will go down with Odysseus, Gilgamesh, and the other great myths.

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‘Stay White!’: /pol/, Trump, And The Terrorist Attack In Minneapolis

It’s beginning to look like the white supremacists who fired on a Minneapolis protest on Monday were part of 4chan’s white supremacist /pol/ board — but white supremacy isn’t just hiding in dark corners. We’re soaking in it.

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Democracy Vs. Austerity, Or, What’s The Deal With Greece?

This Sunday, Greece votes whether or not to accept the austerity deal. This might not be as easy a story as #LoveWins, but it’s still really important.

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Reddit CEO Tries To Stop Harassment, Gets Harassed

Last week, Reddit removed some of its most hate-filled communities. Unfortunately, Reddit’s users didn’t like that and decided to embrace the dark side.

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