Stories by Harrie Farrow

20 Ways to Leave Your Bisexual Closet

It’s National Coming Out Day, so what better day to come out as bisexual? Here’s 20 ways you can come out as bi with creativity, authenticity and style.

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15 Tips for Believable Bisexual Characters in TV and Movies

So many TV shows and movies tend to treat their bisexual characters poorly if they’re there at all; too bad they didn’t follow our 15 easy tips

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Is Your Favorite Male TV Character One Of These 8 Bisexuals?

TV bisexuals just used to come in only two flavors: bad and worse. Now there’s more, in a delicious array of tastes!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Help Fight Biphobia if You’re Gay

So you’re gay and you don’t know any bi people, so you don’t need to worry about biphobia, right? Maybe not… consider these 10 things.

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