Stories by Alex J Rivera

A Gaymer’s Guide to Coming Out of Depression

Winter can make depression strike hard, but here’s a few starting tips for lifting your mood back to a sunnier, warmer mental climate.

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STUDY: What Gaymers Actually Want From Video Games

Gay people play video games?! Shocking, we know, but Paul Nowak’s 2009 Gaymer survey paints a picture of what a Gaymer does and wants from video games.

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Greek Mythology Is Way Gayer Than You Think…

Classic mythology has loads of gay stories, but many folks seldom hear of them and think they don’t exist at all. Let us regale you with a few examples.

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Industry Heads Clash Over Responsibility For Diversity In Games

Prominent voices inside different sectors of the gaming industry clash on the subject of where diversity should begin and how we can achieve it.

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