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Santorum Releases Statement Distancing Itself From Rick Santorum

Santorum released a statement today distancing the frothy mix of anal matter and lubricant from the Republican politician.

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Suquamish Native American Tribe Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Native Americans, the good folks who lived on American soil ages before white folks showed up and robbed them of their land, are hardly the archaic teepee-dwellers you might conjure up at first thought. Washington State’s Suquamish Tribe is officially more liberal than the United States, having extended marriage rights[…]

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Paula Deen Says It Gets BUTTER

And now, a very special message from Food Network star, and straight up Queen of the Memes, Paula Deen. So true! Also:

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Dolly Parton Apologizes for Gay T-Shirt Incident

We told you in July about the lesbian who was forced to turn her pro-gay marriage t-shirt inside out in order to enter Dollywood’s Splash Country. The situation sucked, the handling of it sucked, but we remained confident that when Dolly herself heard of the shenanigans, there would be hell[…]

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