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Just a Friendly Reminder That Jesus Was … Well, a Little Gay

Books from the earliest days of Christianity, found in an ancient cave, explicitly state that a gay Jesus wasn’t too far from the truth

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Which Animals Are Gay: Infographic

With recent news reports of gay lions in Botswana and gay penguins in Berlin, we wanted to take a closer look at gay, lesbian and bisexual animals and their social benefits!

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Trump Says He May Appoint Supreme Court Justices to Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

If elected president, human buttplug Donald Trump has promised to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn the recent same-sex marriage ruling.

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Rugby Is The New Gay Sex

Dead Cat Bounce had us at “We can hide our love if we pretend it’s a game and give it a secret name.”

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YAS KWEEN! Iceman of the X-Men Comes Out As Gay!

The X-Men’s Iceman — Mr. Drake if you’re nasty — comes out as gay in this week’s All-New X-Men #40.

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FINISH HIM (Off)! Mortal Kombat Debuts Gay Character

Good news, grown-ass adult homosexuals who used to be 14-year-old boys; a gay kombatant has entered the battle to save Earth.

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Can France Get a Slow Clap for Sending a Gay Ambassador to the Vatican?

The shade of it all. The state-sanctioned shade! Sending a gay man to the holiest of holies? France totally trolls the pope and we’re lovin’ it!

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The New ‘Diverse’ Emojis are Here and They are Driving Everyone THREE BANANA EMOJIS

Hark! Lo! Hear ye, hear ye! Gather round, villagers. The wind brings tidings from Cupertino. Change is in the air. Big change. Troubling change. Emoji change.  Devil, thy name is iOS 8.3. The good: The latest iOS software update is here. And you only have to delete 3000 photos off[…]

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Doctor Refuses to Treat Infant Because, Get This, Lesbian Parents Whaaaaat?

The world is a better place today because Dr. Vesna Roi refused care to a 6-day-old baby girl with two moms.

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DETAILS, Stop Trying to Make ‘Stray’ Happen. It’s Not Going to Happen.

Details promoted a 7-year-old post this weekend about, ahem, ‘strays,’ (that is, ‘gay-acting straight men’), and now my newsfeed is full of LULZ and eye rolls.

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