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Chinese Communists Have Abandoned the Term ‘Comrade’ Because Gay Men Use It

The Chinese word for comrade has been appropriated by the country’s gay community, leading Communists to no longer want to use it

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Austria Rejected a Gay Iraqi Refugee for Acting ‘Too Girlish’

A gay Iraqi asylum seeker was rejected by Austrian authorities because they didn’t think he was authentically gay because he acted ‘too girlish.’

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Though Progress Is Being Made, LGBTQ Tunisians Face Legal Discrimination

LGBTQ people in Tunisia have made incredible strides in public opinion over the past few years, but they still face legal persecution

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Op/Ed: Dissecting Pride Today and the Problem of Rainbow Capitalism

Pride started out as a protest, but ‘rainbow capitalism’ is an empty way to feel good as we clean out our wallets without actually helping the community

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The Hornet Guide to Gay Atlanta

Famous for its Southern hospitality, gay Atlanta is a cultural center with a rich history with a thriving LGBTQ community

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Op/Ed: Goth Gays Can’t Erase Queer People of Color From the Pride Flag

A gay goth named Darkness Vlad Tepes wants to add a black stripe to the pride flag, but where do people of color fit into the conversation?

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Will Costa Rica Become the Second Country to Re-Ban Marriage Equality?

Though same-sex marriage is legal in Costa Rica, they could soon join Bermuda in re-banning it if the upcoming election is won by the conservatives

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Gag on This: Our 14 Favorite ‘Snatch Game’ Performances from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Herstory

Let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ segment — here is our list of the 14 best Snatch Game impressions from the entire series

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Op/Ed: Is Lana Del Rey Racist, Feminist, Both or Neither?

With accusations of cultural appropriation and trauma tourism, we should wonder about if the Lana Del Rey’s racism is real or accidental, and what she can do

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