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Does the Porn of Ancient Pompeii Help Prove the New Testament Isn’t Anti-Gay After All?

New discoveries at the ruins of Pompeii suggest that St. Paul wasn’t condemning homosexuality at all

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5 Complaints About Having a Giant Penis, According to the ‘Ridiculously Hung Bros’ of Reddit

Maybe having a huge penis isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be — from the well-endowed side of Reddit, we find out the downside of being hung

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This 2015 Clip of Chris Hemsworth Is All the Proof We Need That He’s the Best Dad Ever

In this revealing Chris Hemsworth video from 2015, he explains the difference between the sexes to his daughter, and it’s amazing

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We’re Celebrating Dolly Parton’s Birthday With 5 of Her Most Brilliant Covers

Dolly Parton’s back in the news after her amazing Emmy appearance — so we thought we’d celebrate the legend with our favorite covers

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