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Mini Gay Boyfriend: Gay Romance in Your Pocket!

Also available as Mini Gay Girlfriend, this iPhone app allows you to progress along five relationship levels with your virtual boyfriend.

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UB Jammin’ – SebastiAn

SebastiAn is French DJ/producer that really delivers the hottest remixes on the planet. Daft Punk said he delivered the best remix they ever had for “Human after all.” This dark Euro track brings us straight to the underground basement parties of Paris!

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UB Jammin’ – Nero

Today’s Jam of the Day is Nero’s “Promises. “The UB HQ has been jamming to this tune, and is anxiously awaiting Nero’s full-length debut album Welcome Reality, due out in the UK next month!

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In Pursuit of Perfect: Is It Safe for Young Boys to Pump Iron?

The Today Show recently ran a piece exploring the booming trend of pre-teens that lift weights, entitled “Is It Safe for Young Boys to Pump Iron.” Their whole angle seems to be that the body beautiful obsessions of popular culture is now trickling down to our precious young boys –[…]

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Win a Beach Vacation in the Bahamas From ‘Children of God’

TLA Releasing is sending two sun-seeking travelers to the Bahamas in celebration of the success of their gorgeous, critically acclaimed film, Children of God. Children of God, the first feature written and directed by Kareem Mortimer, is set on the scintillating shores of the Bahamas, weaving the West Indian culture into[…]

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Bachmann Predicted the ‘End of Times’ in 2006

Michelle Bachmann is surging ahead in the polls, and it’s becoming clear that her increasing wackiness is directly correlated to her popularity – this is America after all! Case in point: a new recording from 2006 has surfaced in which candidate Bachmann creepily declares that we are in “the last days”[…]

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Rebecca Black is Back: ‘My Moment’

Even though her infamous single “Friday” was only played on the radio a whopping 12 times, Rebecca Black is still the biggest viral sensation of 2011. She has yet to be dethroned as the most popular Twitter topic of 2011, and her breakout video has been viewed more than almost[…]

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No Gays, Muslims or Mexicans: the Bigot’s Garage Sale

A woman in Virginia sends out an email for her garage sale, which details the sale – and that gays, Muslims and illegals are not welcome.

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Vermont Inn Nixes Lesbian Couple’s Gay Marriage Reception

A lesbian couple is suing a Vermont resort, accusing them of violating the state’s anti-discrimination law for refusing to allow them to have their gay marriage reception on site. According to the lawsuit, which was filed by the ACLU on behalf of Kate Barker and Ming Linsley, the Wildflower Inn[…]

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Meow Mix: Kittens on DJ Decks!

‘Enuff said:

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