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Go to Paris, Bring Home Glory: Here’s How to Register for the 2018 Gay Games

A handy guide to this year’s Gay Games registration process, which you’ll have to do before competing in Paris

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7 Lines to Avoid When You’re on a First Date With an Older Guy

Older men can be amazing partners — if you’d like to start dating older guys, here are our tips to make sure you don’t put your foot in your mouth

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Tonight White Party Bangkok Comes to a Climax With Thousands of Half-Naked Men

One of the world’s biggest gay dance party events, White Party Bangkok concludes tonight on New Year’s Eve with sexy men and a whole lot of dancing

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White Party進入白熱化 Hornet第一手直擊活力四射的現場

相信很多台灣同志都已經在曼谷,參加一年一度的白趴(White Party),Hornet今年贊助了這個盛會,同時在現場分發禮物給參與的民眾(聽說廣受歡迎,一下就被搶光)。繼前幾天的白色和迷彩軍事主題之後,今天是白趴的最後一場,也就是跨年場,當然是整個活動的最高峰,親臨現場的人很幸運可以享受音樂的強烈律動,燈光效果,還有滿滿費洛蒙的精壯男體,不能前往的人也別覺得失落,透過我們現場的照片,讓你稍稍體驗一下現場嗨翻天的氣氛,明年要參加,請提早安排!

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Taiwan Pride 2017: Nearly 120,000 People Take the Street for LGBTQ Equality and Sex Education

Taipei Pride 2017 (aka. Taiwan Pride 2017) brought 118,000 marchers to the streets to advocate for expedited marriage equality and national sex education

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