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Stories by Topher Williams

Editors' Picks
How Trump Used the Pulse Tragedy to Advance His Anti-Muslim Agenda

Soon after the Pulse tragedy, now-President Donald Trump began using it to justify his Muslim ban, erasing the lives and communities most in need of healing

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Back To The Future: Today’s PrEP Images Aren’t As Sexy Or Powerful As Old-School AIDS/HIV Protest Art

Today’s PrEP ads are self-glamorizing or slut shaming, while old-school AIDS/HIV activist images advocated safe (but hot) sex. Here’s prevention done right…

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PrEP Heroes: Why Superheroes Won’t Win The Truvada Battle

Jack Mackenroth and Mike Ruiz took pictures of costumed studs to make PrEP and Truvada seem superheroic. But amid the gold and glamor, something’s missing…

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“Trust Him?”: Why Are the Images Debating PrEP Use So Consistently Shitty?

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s print ads have used slut-shaming and fear to depict Truvada and PrEP as a deceptive ‘party drug.’ Why did they bother?

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