Watch Marvel’s Avengers React to the ‘Justice League’ Trailer (Video)

Watch Marvel’s Avengers React to the ‘Justice League’ Trailer (Video)

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Those who consider themselves comic book movie fanatics (or who live within a few hundred yards of one) no doubt have seen the trailer for Justice League. The latest DC Comics big-screen project, helmed by Zach Snyder, saw its first full-length trailer released to the masses on Saturday. But while you’ve surely watched Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg kick parademon ass and spout one-liners — maybe a few dozen times by now — perhaps you haven’t yet seen The Avengers react to it.

DrMachkil — who specializes in creating cool vids for the web — has created the ultimate mashup vid for comic nerds, in which the entire Avengers team gets together at Avengers Tower to watch the new Justice League trailer. What transpires is some serious side-eye, a few looks of worry on the faces of Marvel’s top crie-fighters and, after Thor throws his hammer through the video display at the trailer’s end, some real talk about how the Avengers plan to deal with these new ‘challengers.’

Of course, who is DrMachkil kidding? Despite this mashup video portraying The Avengers as stressed out about Batman and Co. stealing the ‘supernatural battle for Earth’ spotlight, it’s no secret that Marvel is currently on top, leaving DC in the shadows when it comes to big-screen releases. Marvel’s last big Avengers project, Civil War, has brought in $1.1 billion box office to date worldwide, compared to Batman v. Superman, which lags behind at $868 million.

So keep your heads up, Avengers! No need to get down in the dumps over Cyborg’s spilled motor oil.

While Justice League may indeed bring in some serious cash for the second place DC, we can only imagine the windfall that’s sure to follow Marvel’s mother of all superhero flicks, Avengers: Infinity War, currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 4, 2018.

Watch The Avengers react to the Justice League trailer below:

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