A New (and Probably Incorrect) Study Says the Average Penis Length Has Increased by an Inch

A New (and Probably Incorrect) Study Says the Average Penis Length Has Increased by an Inch

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A recent survey conducted by the condom brand SKYN — “thinner than original condoms to give you the sensation of skin-to-skin contact” — suggests that the average penis length has increased to 6.1 inches when fully erect. But before you start celebrating (or mourning), we should take a closer look because their study has some flaccidity to it.

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For their survey, SKYN asked 3,037 sexually active millenials between ages 18 and 34 to self-report their penis length. Anyone who has ever been catfished (or cock-fished) by “internet inches” knows that men tend to exaggerate their penis size. Furthermore, self-reporting studies usually create unreliable results. A more reliable self-reporting survey would have sized-up the self-reporters against a control group who actually measured and then reported their sizes.

Even if the measurements of SKYN’s self-reporters were accurate, they would only reflect the average penis length of 18 to 34 year olds, and that’s the age group most likely to have the longest penis sizes. That’s because men’s penises literally shrink as they age; lower abdominal weight gain can also shorten a guy’s penile shaft length as they age.

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A 2015 penis size study by King’s College London was actually far more reliable than SKYN’s recent survey because the King’s College study involved a bigger sample size (15,521 men) and actual researchers measuring erect penises first-hand. That study found the average length of U.K. men to be 5.16 inches, a figure that matches most studies’ reported average penis length.

So before you swallow the findings of a hot, new penis-size study, it’s important to look at the methodology. For instance, a viral 2015 infographic of the countries with the largest penis sizes compiled its data from numerous self-reporting studies and the data of a racist scientist who based some of his numbers on things he read in Penthouse Forum, a porn mag column filled with fake sex confessionals. That’s almost as bad as measuring penis sizes based on what men tell you online.

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