Awful Human Chris Brown Allegedly Bails On Atlanta Black Pride Performance

Awful Human Chris Brown Allegedly Bails On Atlanta Black Pride Performance

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Chris Brown, noted terrible person, may or may not have done something terrible over Labor Day weekend. Apparently he was supposed to show up at Atlanta Black Pride Weekend, a Labor Day event that also featured clothing-averse rapper Lil Kim, R&B singer Monica and current hitmaker DeJ Loaf. But Chris never showed and fans got ticked off. (I for one am happy every time Breezy’s not in the room, but to each their own.) The perennially awful Brown took to Twitter, explaining that he was never booked for the show in the first place.

Saturday’s event at The Georgia Freight Depot was organized by lesbian production company Traxx Girls, who billed the party as “the biggest girl party in the country with over 4,000 women in attendance.” Traxx Girls founder Melissa Scott says that Brown signed a contract and took her money, but upon arrival that night he refused to enter the building because some gay men were also present.

On the Atlanta Black Pride Weekend website, Brown is listed as the first headliner, even though he wasn’t even scheduled to perform that night. His only job would have been to come on stage and introduce Teyana Taylor, who as a female would probably be more appealing to a club full of four thousand lesbians. If you don’t know who Taylor is, she has some advice for you.

Chris Brown has an awful history with women, dating back to his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna. Since then he’s thrown homophobic fits and generally acted like a whiny baby, maintaining a successful career despite an almost complete lack of charm. It would take all day to name all the awful things he’s said and done but here’s a primer.

If Breezy’s lying and Scott has a signed contract, then he’s an awful jerk. But that’s no surprise. He can say “much love LGBT” all he wants on Twitter, that doesn’t make up for the many, many, many times he’s clearly shown hatred LGBT folks in the past. On the other hand, why is Traxx Girls hiring a homophobic man to appear at a lesbian event to begin with? Surely there are other, less horrible folks in Atlanta that were free that night.

Speaking of which, everything turned out okay in the end. “Trap Queen” singer Fetty Wap was also in town, opening for Brown, and he happily stepped in to say hey what’s up hello.

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