Azealia Banks Is Looking to Collaborate With Iggy Azalea and Shea Couleé

Azealia Banks Is Looking to Collaborate With Iggy Azalea and Shea Couleé

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We’re shocked at this news, but it looks like Azealia Banks is looking to collaborate with Iggy Azalea and RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 finalist Shea Couleé.

And we couldn’t be more excited!

Yes, we’ve been critical of Banks in the past, but her tone on social media the last few days has given us hope she’s looking to forge new relationships, moving past some of the petty drama she has created over the last few years.

First, she Instagrammed a pic stitch of herself with Shea Couleé with the caption, “It’s happening.” Couleé recently put out some great new music, and we couldn’t help but hear Banks’ influence on of the tracks. We’re guessing Banks herself caught wind of Couleé’s aspiration to become a rap diva, and she picked up the phone to make some sort of collab happen. Either way, we’re excited this could be happening.

But that wasn’t the only bombshell Banks dropped on her Instagram this week.

She also teased that she will be working with her former foe Iggy Azalea.

Has hell frozen over?

Banks and Azalea have had well publicized beef since 2012. It began shortly after Azalea was featured as the only female rapper on the freshman cover of hip-hop mag XXL Freshmen.

In 2014 Banks gives a candid, emotional interview with Hot 97 in which she explains her public battle with Iggy and how it’s emblematic of “cultural smudging” in music.

But it looks like now, Banks is attempting to change that.

After Azalea teased a collab between the two rap divas, Banks posted early Wednesday:

Please let me clear up any misconception for anyone that took my words out of context. I am incredibly flattered and so excited about a future collaboration with Iggy. Yes, she and I had differences in the past, but we were so long and that was so long ago.She and I are both on a whole other level right now and I have nothing but respect for her as a woman, an artist and a businesswoman. As such, I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with her, or any other artist  out there because I believe that united, we are stronger.

Maybe Rihanna will be next?

However, after an outlet shared news of the collaboration, Banks didn’t like how they juxtaposed a flattering pic of Azalea next to a not-so flattering pic of her together.

Next, she comes for the “white gay media,” even though we’re pretty sure the guy who wrote the article is straight and the outlet he wrote it for is also straight.

Banks writes:

Of course…. the white gay media will try their hardest to juxtapose bad pictures of me next to nice pictures of iggy. The metro strikes again. I would appreciate it so much if the white gay media left me alone in this way. It COMPLETE misogynoir. If you are simply gay and white PLEASE know that I am NOT talking about you. You are ALWAYS loved and welcome… but this monolithic white-gay-male “voice” of the “gay media” that tries its hardest to keep control of ALL gay men’s culture.. should really be ignored completely.

It’s not fair to anyone who isn’t a part of that elitist group of older white (gay) men. White grannies run fashion and white grandpas run gay culture and it’s all just just a complete intertwining of old white arrogance, getting in the way of the actual youth and what the kids are trying to create! If the white gay media grandpas would just CHILL and stop trying to force their antiquated ideas about homosexuality onto the youth, maybe gay and pop culture wouldn’t be so fucking boring. This is only happening because of my use of the “F” word. I promise you that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE BORN AFTER 1991, cares about the “F” word. It’s DONE. Please give it up…. I actually want to like and get along with you old grandpas and grandmas … but not like this.

We’re not sure where to start with that one.

Let’s just hope Banks can not let the drama prevent her from creating new music. Especially if it’s going to be with two talented divas like Azalea and Couleé. 

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