The Tea is Piping Hot in Azealia Banks’ Brand-New Podcast ‘Bruja Del Bloque’

The Tea is Piping Hot in Azealia Banks’ Brand-New Podcast ‘Bruja Del Bloque’

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Azealia Banks has a lot of opinions, and the rapper has never been afraid to express herself. So it makes perfect sense that she has started her own podcast. Bruja Delbloque is the name of the Azealia Banks podcast. The first episode covers: “Female Rap, Black Women and Hip-Hop Culture vs Remy Ma, Love and Hip-Hop, America’s Initiative to ultimately contain and retain Black People as an integral piece of its Slave/Debt/Carceral State.”

“A lot of you guys may know me from lots of things you see on the internet, lots of controversies,” Banks begins. “This is my first official podcast just because I think it’s time that I start verbally expressing my opinions in a format that can be understood rather than misconstrued.”

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“Today, we are going to talk about female rap and we’re going to explore female rap as a job market and as a commodity and sort of as a spiritual exhalation in a sense,” she explains. “Female rap is a way to free yourself from the pangs of society, you know? These kind of unwritten rules of femininity that seem to change all the time. With that said I feel very, very, very strongly attached to female rap. In essence it and it of itself. I feel very attached to it in that way.”

“Through my music, I have been able to express myself. I have been able to redefine my sexuality. I have been able to learn about myself and I see it as a very sacred space. Nowadays we have a lot of people trying to narrate the female rap story other than the female rappers themselves.”

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Banks begins to spill the piping hot tea on Love & Hip Hop, a reality series that helped launch the career of Cardi B. “So, case in point, you have a show like Love & Hip Hop,” Banks says. “Now, I personally think that Love & Hip Hop is really cheesy. It’s not a true representation of hip hop culture.”

“It cheapens hip hop culture, especially in regards to women in hip hop. I don’t see a lot of music being spoken about on the show. And I think Love & Hip Hop really feeds the masses this very cheap caricature of black women and black female rappers.”

Listen to the debut of Azealia Banks podcast Bruja Delbloque here:

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