‘Bablylon Berlin,’ a New German TV Series Chock-Full of Male Nudity, Has Our Utmost Attention

‘Bablylon Berlin,’ a New German TV Series Chock-Full of Male Nudity, Has Our Utmost Attention

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This Sunday, Germany unveiled Babylon Berlin, a two-season, 16-part dramatic crime epic based on best-selling novels. They follow a hunky yet troubled police detective in 1920s Berlin (15 years before the Nazis come to power) to investigate a blackmail plot surrounding an S&M porn film. It’s apparently “the most expensive German-language TV show ever produced,” and it also features lots of male nudity, which means we’ll definitely be new watchers. We’ve got some shots of the Babylon Berlin nudity below!

In Babylon Berlin, German actor Volker Bruch plays detective Gereon Rath, an investigator who must explore the German capital’s seedy underbelly. He’s assisted by police typist Charlotte Ritter, a young woman who lives in a “bleak, overcrowded tenement” and moonlights as a sex worker at Moka Efti, “a nightclub and temple to hedonism.”

It sounds kind of like Cabaret, but perhaps with fewer musical numbers and Nazis — and far more sexual overtones and mischief.

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The show has already received rave reviews in Germany. Its plot includes a Russian train stocked with poison gas and gold, a bloody May Day showdown between Communist protestors and police and a cross-dressing jazz singer. Plus, the series is already planning a third season.

But since the show will be viewable in the States via Netflix until the end of January 2018, we’ll have to suffice with images of Bruch getting naked and flashing his butt in the show.


Check out these Babylon Berlin nude shots. (Click for uncensored versions)

Babylon Berlin 03

Babylon Berlin 02

Babylon Berlin 05

It remains to be seen whether Babylon Berlin will feature any same-sex nudity or sexual encounters. (The real-life Weimar-era Berlin certainly had openly gay and bisexual men before Nazis rose to power.) But if the plot is as hot as the full-frontal male nudity, we’ll certainly be watching.

Babylon Berlin premieres on Netflix in the United States on Jan. 30.

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