ball dryer
ball dryer

This Sexy Nude Model Introduces Us to the World’s First ‘Ball Dryer’

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In a new clip, the hilarious Conan O’Brien introduces us to the world’s first “ball dryer.” To show it off first hand, O’Brien got a very sexy male model to demonstrate.

Male model Daniel Rumfelt helps O’Brien introduce the world’s first ball dryer, the “Dyson Ballblade.”

“Dyson products have always been the result of rigorous design, research and innovation,” the ad begins. “Every one of our product launches begins with a marriage of form and function. And the trend continues with the new Dyson Ballblade.”

Rumfelt is a very sexy underwear and fitness model who has worked with some great photographers like Rick Day.

Since O’Brien’s invention is a figment of his hilarious imagination, maybe we can dry Rumfelt’s balls – with our mouths.

Watch Conan O’Brien’s ad for the Dyson’s ball dryer here: