Wait, Did Barack Obama Just Become a Style Icon?

Wait, Did Barack Obama Just Become a Style Icon?

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A month and a few days out of office sure do make a difference. While president of the United States, Barack Obama always knew how to wear a suit. He wore them damn well, and that’s pretty much undeniable. But he was also known for his “mom jeans,” which despite GQ arguing otherwise, have never been cool. Just this week, though, we’ve seen a new side of Obama — a husband and father whose style is current and on-trend — and in one outing all his past style sins have been forgiven.

Yep, Barack Obama just became the style icon that the U.S. presidency hasn’t seen since JFK.

Men’s magazines and style blogs worldwide are currently raving about the outfit Obama sported on Sunday as he left the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. (Sure, former First Lady Michelle looked amazing, but she always does.) Civilian Obama is now a sight to be seen, as he looked great in dark jeans, a chambray shirt, sunglasses and a stylish brown leather jacket that has your dad running to Nordstrom.

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In the words of GQ, “He was giving us casual, slightly ’70s vibes that look pulled, well, straight from the pages of this magazine.”

And then there’s America’s current president.

Donald Trump could start by not using Scotch tape to keep his way-too-freaking-long tie in place.

Seriously, it’s disgusting, and not befitting the leader of the free world.

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