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Barbra Streisand at Tribeca: ‘Don’t Mention Trump’s Wall to Me’

Barbra Streisand at Tribeca: ‘Don’t Mention Trump’s Wall to Me’

Written by Stephan Horbelt on April 30, 2017
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It’s hardly a secret that Barbra Streisand cannot stand Donald Trump. Recently this was evidenced by a call-in appearance on Chris Matthews’ Hardball back in January. Following Meryl Streep’s now-notorious Trump rant at the Golden Globes, Streisand called Matthews to defend the A-list actress — despite being in the middle of a teeth cleaning! She referred to our current president as “disgraceful” among other things. But this weekend Streisand let ‘er rip against Agent Orange once again — albeit in a more subtle way — during New York’s Tribeca Film Festival 2017.

Oddly enough, Streisand appeared at Tribeca in a one-on-one panel with director Robert Rodriguez, known for his films Sin City, From Dusk Til Dawn and Machete. An interesting match-up indeed, and one Rodriguez knew he had to address.

“A lot of you are probably wondering why I’m here,” Rodriguez said to the audience before regaling them with a story of his childhood with nine siblings in San Antonio, Texas. “In our household, there was no bigger star than Barbra Streisand. My mom loved to talk to her 10 children about two things: God and Barbra Streisand.”

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During the 70-minute Q&A with Streisand, the two spoke of her work as a pioneer in the field of female directors in addition to her body of work as an actress and singer. But if you know what’s good for you, don’t bring up Trump or his policies in her presence, lest you unleash Streisand’s inner political beast. (Streisand has long been a staunch Democrat.)

Speaking of fear and “He Who Must Not Be Named” (we aren’t clear whether that title was offered up by Streisand or Billboard, though we love it regardless), Streisand remarked, “Fear is an engine to create,” to which Rodriguez replied, “That’s great — you turn fear into an engine, not a wall.”

To which Streisand clapped back, “Don’t mention a wall to me.”

This voice of an angel has no time for Trump’s bullying and consistently demeaning behavior — much less his xenophobic policies — and we love her for it.

Also, something we found rather funny was the observation that the event’s Q&A portion more resembled a “Question & Answer & Heckle” portion. Hey, it’s New York, after all. Reportedly audience members were keen to tell Streisand their ‘life stories’ before getting to the point, upon which hecklers started shouting “Ask a question!” to the wordy superfans. Never change, New York.

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