Bathroom Transphobe Kept Stepsister Captive in Basement

Bathroom Transphobe Kept Stepsister Captive in Basement

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A man who recently criticized Target’s trans-friendly bathroom policies as dangerous to children has been accused of holding his 13 year-old stepsister captive in a basement for a year.

Recently, an Ohio man named Esten Ciboro posted this bit of transphobic propaganda on his Facebook page:

It’s a standard bit of far-right bigotry accusing retail chain Target of “putting men in girls’ bathrooms” and “support[ing] queerism and confusion” for enacting trans-friendly bathroom policies in its stores.

Esten Ciboro (with his dad Timothy Ciboro) made the transphobic post on May 4. About two weeks later, the 13-year-old girl Esten and Timothy Ciboro had been keeping captive in the basement escaped from her shackles and fled. The girl was Esten’s step-sister and Timothy’s step-daughter.

That’s right: Esten and Timothy Ciboro ranted and raved about the dangers of transwomen in bathrooms while keeping a member of their family chained up in the basement beneath them.

The Mirror reports:

A man and his son have been arrested after his teenage stepdaughter escaped from a basement where she says she was held captive for almost a year.

Timothy Ciboro, 53, and Esten Ciboro, 27, have been accused of restraining the girl with a chain on her ankle.

The unnamed girl, aged 13, was reportedly fed old or spoiled scraps of food under her home at Toledo, Ohio.

Conservative family values, everyone! Being LGBT: bad. Being an abusive kidnapper? Totally fine!

The Toledo Blade reports:

During her basement captivity, the girl said she was “fed spoiled and old scraps of food and forced to defecate and void in a bucket containing ammonia,” according to court documents.

Pooping in an ammonia bucket in a dank basement seems significantly worse than pooping in a toilet stall in the general vicinity of a trans person but hey what do I know? I’m a ‘confused queerist’, as the Esten boys might say.

Why did Timothy and Esten Ciboro lock the young girl up in the first place? Surprisingly, it’s not a sex thing (yay?). The girl told police her captivity was punishment for wetting the bed. These Esten guys really have a fixation on bathrooms, apparently.

Transphobes like the Ciboro boys claim that letting trans women use women’s bathrooms will endanger young girls. But by now it should be abundantly clear that transphobes are far more dangerous than a bunch of LGBT people looking for a place to pee.


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