Gay Porn Stars Discuss Whether It’s Ever OK to Fetishize a Black Guy for His ‘BBC’

Gay Porn Stars Discuss Whether It’s Ever OK to Fetishize a Black Guy for His ‘BBC’

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Max Konnor is making a name for himself in the porn industry. With almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, the gay porn star is using Only Fans as his vehicle for porn success — featuring hot previews on his Twitter that would make any gay boy weak in the knees. But he’s not just using his Twitter for self-promotion. He’s also using it as a platform for important conversations that are difficult for members in our community to have. Like whether it’s ever OK to use the term “BBC” or “big black cock” when discussing sex with black men.

Konnor tweeted, “Honesty moment: I hate when guys refer to my dick as BBC or anything along those lines. You don’t specify the color of a white dick. … I am not a fetish. I am a human being.”

Many people agreed with Konner’s perspective on the term BBC. So much so, his tweet has been favorited more than 700 times and retweeted more than 100.

One person responded, “Whew! Say that! And I believe our industry, both the gay and straight porn industry continues to objectify and fetishize minority men. However, it’s also up to those same minority actors to end it, regardless of the check.”

Max Konnor

Another added, “Ha! I’ve had that reference before. It made me feel so awkward, and my dick went limp within seconds. Major turn off and disrespect!”

However, not everyone seemed to be onboard with Max Konnor’s BBC perspective. White porn star Austin Wolf (link NSFW) shared his thoughts about the issue in a now-deleted tweet that read: “We are quite literally paid to be objectified. If you have a problem with your dick, race or any parts of your body or personality objectified, classified, insulted or criticized you are in the wrong business.”

Amateur (and also white) porn actor Big C agreed with Wolf, tweeting: “Uch. I agree with @AWOLFOFFICIAL on this one Bro. Unless its in an ‘insulting’ fashion then… Be Thankful People are Interested and Paying. Thats a complement ???. And people like Sucking MY Big White Dick. When they say that It makes me Hard & I shove it in further. Own it!”

Another user questioning the term BBC added, “I admit I over use the term BBC, but I also see BWC (Big White Cock) used as well. Sure there isn’t a BWC category on porn sites, but I think that’s more to do with the fact that ‘Default Porn’ is White Male / White Female … then it breaks into categories after that.”

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Konnor replied, making a great point: “Exactly. White is default (regular). More pleasing to look at. Rather than a fetishized tool or a means to an end.”


What do you think of the term BBC and Max Konnor’s thoughts? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.


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