We Can’t Decide If These Guys Making ’Bear Face’ Are Adorable or Obnoxious

We Can’t Decide If These Guys Making ’Bear Face’ Are Adorable or Obnoxious

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We all know what “duck face” is — it’s when people in selfies stick out their lips and make a sort of pouty-flirty face that simultaneously says “Love me” and “I’m constipated.” Well, now “bear face” is apparently a thing: It’s that sort of bashful half-assed smirk that says, “Look, I tried to smile!” and “I’m sort of embarrassed to be here.”

It’s the smile you give when an unknown, mothball-smelling relative non-consensually hugs you at a public event.

Bear face is supposed to be adorable, but it’s become so common and insincere — “Golly! Selfies just make me so goddarned glum!” — that it’s kinda obnoxious. Or maybe it’s not and we’re just jaded from too much Instagram?

Either way, that debate is the exact reason you need to check out the Tumblr entitled “BEAR FACE PARTY!!!: A safe place for bear face.” It’s filled with selfie after selfie of ridiculously adorable and sexy bears making that goddamned bear face ad infinitum.


Here’s a gallery of some of our favorite bear face shots:

Many of the men are shirtless or posing in open jeans or underwear, so even if you hate bear face, you can still enjoy their fur, muscles or bulging baskets. And if you love bear face, then hold on to your hunting caps, because there’s a mind-boggling gallery of roughly 50 pics for you to admire and perhaps emulate as you perfect your own bear face technique.

Wait a sec… 50? There’s only 50 pics?!?? And the second to last pic was posted in December 2016? Perhaps we’re all late to the bear face party (as it were) and the bear face craze is quickly going the way of duck face.

Phew! Crisis averted. Go back to making whatever face you were making before you read this article.

While we’ll mourn the death of bear face, at least we still have resting bitch face (video below). That will never go out of style.


Feature image by igor_kell via iStock

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